iPredictt Launches Careerletics, a Recruitment Intelligence Platform


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
iPredictt Data Labs a big data analytics company, launched Careerletics, a SaaS based platform that uses advanced Predictive analytics to exponentially improve quality of new hires at added speed. The platform calculates an Employability Score and Probability of ’Offer Decline’ for candidates. The Platform helps at the pre-selection stage by bringing in auto parsing of resumes, skill set identification and over median accuracy in JD- candidate matchmaking, thus delivering high quality of candidates from among searched resumes.

Careerletics will enable corporate recruiters to reduce the candidate sourcing & selection process time to 48 hours. Using NLP to extract data from resumes, converting raw data to a meaningful database the system will recommend the best matched candidates to job descriptions. The system will also predict a candidates’ joining probability basis artificial intelligence algorithm and specific shortlisting criterion as decided by recruiters for positions.

Rohit Verma, CEO, iPredictt Data Labs commented, “We are addressing two core HR metrics for Corporates acquiring talent – Time-to-Hire and Quality-of-Hire. We are using big data to analyze and organize resumes and machine learning to bring insights from data to create employability scores. The unique candidate scores will help find the best match for job descriptions and additional shortlisting criterion will predict their probability to join. We are certain that this platform will disrupt the way hiring is done without changing much in the hiring process.”

Careerletics will redefine the work profiles of recruitment teams and venture into niche segments for recruitment like – senior leadership roles and campus placements. It will benchmark candidate and skill availability in the market place.

About iPredictt Data Labs

iPredictt Data Labs is a big data analytics company that provides machine learning software to B2C companies to solve their complex data challenges. The company brings groundbreaking new approaches to transform how data-rich companies can make sense of structured and unstructured data. The company differentiates itself by offering premium data science solutions that are customized for businesses trying to mine their data for getting better return on technology investment. It does so by offering mix of big data analytics expertise by the techops team and the solution engagement by their seasoned bizops team.