Delhi govt directs liquor vendors to display MRPs, avoid confusion over prices

The government has directed all vendors in the city to display rate charts reflecting changes in retail prices of various brands following complaints of overcharging.


Although some companies have increased prices of their products, rates of other brands have been untouched which led to confusion among consumers about changes in MRPs.


“We have directed managers of all the vends to display notice boards showing the changes in Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of brands so that consumers don’t get confused,” said a senior official Department.


The government has not increased the duty for the second consecutive year and retail prices of brands have also not been significantly raised this year.


Ankit Gautam, a resident of North Delhi’s Timarpur, said he had bought a bottle of rum for Rs 360 from a vend in Nehru Place, but its MRP was Rs 320.


“When I asked the shop vendor as to why he is charging price beyond the MRP, he said the price has gone up,” Gautam, who is a marketing executive, said.


According to the 2016-17 policy, the city government will not issue any new licence for opening of new vends in the city.


While announcing the move, government had said that will be empowered to shut existing neighbourhood vends if there are complaints of “nuisance”.


According to the policy, the process to decide on shutting a shop will be initiated once 10 per cent voters of a mohalla sabha submit a written complaint in this regard.