People in Jalandhar chase cash dispensing vans till ATMs to get money


Tired of listening to ‘no availability of cash’ daily and standing in long queues, people have found another way of getting money from ATMs and banks; they now chase cash dispensing vans.

Such cases are being witnessed in Jalandhar as people can be seen striving to be among the first ones to immediately get the money as within an hour after refill, most of the banks and ATMs run out of cash.

Public standing in front of ATMs and banks said that they were left with no option but to find and follow the vans to banks and ATMs as they are in dire need of the money.

Radha Kumari, a factory worker’s wife, who was standing outside Bank of India said, “We don’t have anything to eat. Yesterday, we saw a cash dispensing van and followed it till long and only then we got Rs 2,000.”

A teacher in a private school, who was standing in a queue outside Punjab National Bank said, “One of my relatives too chased the van today and immediately withdrew money from the ATM.”

“But you have to be lucky enough to find such vans and then follow it to right path,” she said while laughing.

Shyam Seth, who runs a grocery shop said, “Since majority of the ATMs and banks are not getting cash, it becomes important to look for some alternatives to get the money. One is to come and stand early in the morning and wait till the cash dispensing vans come or to follow the vans and become the first one to get the cash.”

Non-gazetted employees yet to get Rs 10,000

Non-gazetted employees of the government were supposed to get Rs 10,000 as their salaries but only few banks received cash. Due to this, many employees could not get their salaries while some got a limited amount.

State bank of India, railway station branch, gave Rs 8,000 to people while Oriental Bank of India and Union Bank of India could not provide the cash in full.