Humanoid robot developed to help customers at banks and airports

A based software engineer and designer has developed a humanoid robot, which can perform multiple functions.


The can walk, dance, sing, sit and respond to any question in more than 19 languages. The will be installed in and etc, which can give all flight arrival and departure details, and can also be used for educational purpose and coding purposes.


“We are a pioneer in the robotic industry; we have introduced and developed lots of applications for robotics. We have introduced this humanoid which is used for many applications from banking to to education industry to hotels. How it really helps the customers, to education industry, to professors and the students. How to design and build and create robots,” said.
said that robots can be a part of our lives, not a replacement of a human of course. The can also help the customers in opening a bank account.


“For example, if a customer walks into a bank, the can tell him good morning, good afternoon, how can I help you and would you like to be interested in opening an account in the bank etc. The can give all information on core banking solutions to the customer. It speaks 19 languages including French, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, etc and we are implementing Indian languages very soon,” he added.