E-bus cost not finalized; BMTC consults experts


BENGALURU: The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has initiated consultations with experts to work out the best price for the purchase of 150 electric buses. It said there has been no formal decision about the cost at which each bus would be purchased.

“No commercials for purchase have been worked out as of now. As approved by the BMTC board, we will approach the Union ministry of heavy industries for the funding, and thereafter go in for induction of buses as per provisions of the Karnataka Transparency in Public Pro curement Act,” BMTC managing director Ekroop Caur said. He was reacting to a report, `Rs 2.7cr for an electric bus comes as a shock’, published in these columns on October 27.

Stating that electric vehicle technology is associated with significant capital cost, the corporation said the battery component constitutes about 50% of the total manufacturing cost, which is a major challenge. “The BMTC has been holding discussions with domain experts to look at alternatives of optimizing the size of the battery so as to reduce the cost as much as possible,” Caur