Nightingales Organizes Webinar to Create Awareness about Stroke and its Rehabilitation


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Nightingales Home Health Services (a unit of Medwell Ventures), pioneer in home healthcare will be conducting a webinar on stroke and related myths on the eve of World Stroke Day on October 27, 2016. The webinar will be conducted by stroke rehabilitation experts, Akshata Rao, Stroke Rehabilitation Lead at Nightingales and Divya Kallianpur, Lead- Speech Therapist, Nightingales. The topic for this webinar will be ‘Untangling the myths of stroke’ and one can join the webinar by visiting

On this eve, Akshata Rao, Lead – Stroke Rehabilitation, Nightingales Home Healthcare said, “We are extremely happy and excited to organize this webinar. We are expecting people from all age groups and all walks of life to participate here so that we are able to reach out to maximum people and spread the awareness. As per the recent population based studies, stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death and disability in India. Hence, through this webinar we intend to spread the awareness that strokes are preventable and treatable.”

Nightingales home health services has catered to and rehabilitated over 1000 patients across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai in last one year.

The agenda of organizing this webinar is to clear some preconceived notions and myths which have blocked the minds of people since years. Besides the webinar, there will also be a question and answer session clearing any doubts the viewers may have. Nightingales, which practices stroke rehabilitation for years emphasises on the topic all the more since stroke is the third leading cause of disability in India. Nightingales has also taken up the noble opportunity to spread the awareness on stroke on the occasion of World Stroke Day.

As per the recent population based studies, incidence of stroke is 119-145 / 100,000 people. For all age groups except for people aged 50-69 years, women had a higher prevalence rate than man. Hence, through this webinar we intend to spread the awareness on stroke that is preventable and treatable.

The estimated adjusted prevalence rate of stroke ranges 84-262 / 100,000 people in rural areas and 334-424/ 100,000 people in urban areas. Nightingales also receives a lot of requests for stroke rehabilitation. In the last one year, they have rehabilitated more than 1000 patients across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Some of the most common stroke myths:

Stroke is not preventable
Stroke will strike only once in lifetime
Strokes only happen to elderly people
Strokes can’t be treated
Strokes happens in the heart
Strokes are only seen in the elderly
The occurrence of stroke is paralysis
All strokes are the same

About Nightingales Home Health Services

Nightingales has been in the home health sector since 1996 in Bangalore. Post the acquisition of the company by Medwell it has  developed a strong focus on specialty home healthcare services in chronic diseases including pulmonology, cardiology, neurology, metabolic diseases, orthopedics, geriatrics and post-operative rehabilitation making it India’s leading home health company. Additional services are being introduced, including remote health monitoring, tele-health, diagnostics, rehabilitation and wellness therapeutics. Nightingales ensures excellence in patient health outcomes through a validated protocol and care plan approach for chronic diseases including congestive heart failure, stroke management, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, wound care management for diabetics, dementia care, Alzheimer’s care and chronic arthritic pain management. The company has recently established a successful home dentistry program. Nightingales has also built relationships with key medical technology providers to enhance its reach and effectiveness of service delivery. Nightingales aims to establish a home healthcare delivery network in 10 Indian metro clusters and increase its subscriber base to over 500,000 families.