KA EduAssociates offers a parenting workshop ‘Are You the CEO of your child’?

  • KA EduAssociatesorganized ‘Are You the CEO of your child’? An innovative parenting workshop
  • Empowering parents through their dynamic and contemporary techniques.


For Immediate Release….Mumbai: ‘We Care’ under KA EduAssociateshad recently brought about a parenting workshop on ‘Are You the CEO of your child’ to combat the constant panic amongst parents about their children’s routine activities. A hands-on, interactive, informative and a thought provoking workshop, through scenarios and case studies, KA EduAssociates aimed to bring a fresh perspective.


Madhavi Shilpi, Founder of Study Smart Now, endeavours to empower the child to become independent, through a series of interactive engagements with parents. The key highlight of the event was to address and resolve the needless worries of parents who always desire their children to emerge as a stalwart in every aspect of their life and also tried to acquaint the parents with the factoid of excessive pressures on children and their discrepancies to cope with the competition. This initiative proved to be a guiding light to parents for their not so easy task of managing their child’s life.


The workshop incorporated activities that assisted the parents to deal with panic of missing out on something in terms of one’s child academic schedule, nutritional aspect and time management. The focal point was to focus on appropriate and dynamic parenting styles and communication as case studies to enable the modern day parent cope with a generation that is exposed, privileged and far more confident than we ever were as kids. This workshop brought like-minded parents together in a common platform to share, listen, debate and discuss and hear from an expert who has dedicated her life to finding these answers.


According to GitikaKishanchandani, Co- Founder, KA EduAssociates, “The ultimate aim was to orient parents about the modern age modus operandi of parenting via listening, being patient and evaluating the situation before acting, when dealing with children”.


According to Fatima Agarkar, Co-Founder, KA EduAssociates, “This workshop was all about tools, techniques and strategies that will help make you a more proactive parent. Madhavi as a mother and fellow educator, brought insightful experiences that are beneficial for parents who seek that ‘ideal’ formula.


About KA EduAssociates


KA EduAssociates is a Mumbai-based Educational Management Services Company focused on professional development courses for teachers and schools, parenting workshops and online newsletters connecting educators!  KA EduAssociates intends to redefine education and has a dedicated team that works on providing innovative and effective training to teachers on the job or those that are aspiring. KA EduAssociates offers to fill in the big gap between the demand of modern professional educational facilities and the existing set-up. It facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude that will transform the teaching- learning process across schools and organization and significantly enhance the quality of education.


The vision is to work with two important stake holders in a child’s life – school and home and therefore, teacher and parental empowerment is critical for KA.