Organising the Unorganised: Online P2P Lending Marketplace Rupaiya Exchange Fast Emerging as a Game Changer in India


New Delhi, Delhi, India

The innovation-driven platform has facilitated loan originations worth INR 70 crore and disbursements in excess of INR 8 crore since its launch.
The technologically backed platform facilitates easy capital acquisition for borrowers and better investment opportunities to lenders across the nation.

Putting an end to redundant lending processes in India, Rupaiya Exchange, a leading online peer-to-peer lending platform, is changing the face of the money lending industry. With its pan-India presence, Rupaiya Exchange serves as a marketplace for a wide range of peer to peer (P2P) lending activity including Consumer-to-Consumer loans, Business-to-Consumer loans, and Business-to-Business loans. The service portfolio of the company includes short-term as well as long-term loan instruments which can be either be secured or collateral-free, as per the user requirement.

Incepted in November 2015, Rupaiya Exchange has been built with the sole ideology that everyone should have an easy access to credit and aims to empower the common man with its all-inclusive approach. The platform also holds the distinction of being the first company to introduce a lender’s protection scheme in India. Borrowers and lenders can register themselves on the platform and submit KYC documents to activate their profiles. At present, more than 4,000 consumers tap the benefits of the best-in-class services offered by Rupaiya Exchange. The innovation-driven platform has facilitated loan originations worth INR 70 crore and disbursements in excess of INR 8 crore since its launch.

The easy-to-use platform has developed proprietary risk calculations, based on more than 30 data points, to determine individual creditworthiness. Additionally, for effective assessment, the platform has tied up with a leading credit service provider in India. All users are subsequently rated and loan applications assessed using the risk calculator, social scoring methodology and fraudulent checks. After validating and rating the loans, the company connects the applicant to its lenders’ community, who can browse through loans open for investment. Based on their specific investment criterion, lenders can filter loans, check the borrower’s profile and make their respective bids. Once the bid is accepted, the loan is disbursed to the borrower along with the repayment schedule. The repayment of the loan takes place in the form of monthly installments.

As per Rohan Hazrati, Founder of Rupaiya Exchange, “With many new businesses emerging across various industries, a lot of high-potential ideas and promising business prospects fail to make a dent in the market due to a lack of access to capital. Moreover, in personal loan segment many creditworthy individuals are denied access to loans due to the traditional scoring approach. With the ground-breaking technology at Rupaiya Exchange, we are making access to capital a lot easier for the common individual. It also provides better investment opportunities to our lenders, thus generating higher return on their investments. As more borrowers and lenders are getting engaged with the platform, Rupaiya Exchange is proving to be pivotal in altering the paradigm of lending in India and making it more feasible for all stakeholders.”

As of date the firm has provided credit to individuals and businesses from Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat and many other regions across the country. Additionally, since the release of consultative paper on P2P lending by Reserve Bank of India earlier this year, Rupaiya Exchange is on the path of greater platform adoption and increased demand for its services.

About Rupaiya Exchange

Rupaiya Exchange is a peer to peer lending platform which connects verified borrowers with lenders. The platform assesses the borrowers through their proprietary risk assessment tools and present only verified cases to lenders for funding. The platform, which started operations in latter part of 2015, has seen steady growth in terms of loan origination and funding.