Special puja, rituals mark end to royals’ private celebrations


MYSURU: The private Dasara celebrations by Mysuru royal family concluded at the residential palace attached to Mysuru Palace on Tuesday.

Titular head Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and maharani Trishikha Kumari completed various pujas and rituals as part of the celebrations to end the 11-day Dasara.

The family hosted Vajra Musti Kalaga, an age-old tradition where wrestlers fought with each other till one of them draws blood from the opponent. Trishikha, who is a Rajput from a Rajasthan royal family, keenly watched the bout.

But the wrestlers fought another battle before their symbolic show as they had a tiff with Mysuru police who didn’t allow family and friends of the wrestlers to enter the palace. Upset with the development, they threatened to boycott the fight, but relented following intervention by police commissioner B Dayananda.

Yaduveer performed Ayudha Puja on Monday and held Vijaya Yatre by taking out a procession – astride a silver chariot – to Sri Bhuvaneshwari Temple inside the palace premises. He offered puja to Shami tree. The royal couple performed puja at Chamundi Thotti in the residential palace and removed kankana, the sacred red thread tied on their right wrist on the first day of the festival.