Smirnoff Experience Brings DVLM to Mumbai


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Smirnoff Experience is a music platform that is inclusive and supports equality for everyone no matter race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality. It supports and brings the best artists and music lovers together for an OPEN experience.

The 2016 Smirnoff Experience event will be India’s most inclusive EDM event featuring international music sensations Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (DVLM). The Smirnoff Experience with DVLM will take place on 9th October, 2016 at Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalakshmi.

The event will also include an inspirational performance by Chris Fonseca who also features in the ‘We’re Open’ campaign by Smirnoff Experience. Chris Fonseca is a deaf dance teacher from London,     who specializes in Hip-Hop and dances by feeling the beat through vibrations in the floor, and interprets and then incorporates the lyrics into his dance moves. He also teaches other deaf dancers that there are ways to enjoy music beyond hearing it.

To make the platform more inclusive for the music lovers, Smirnoff Experience will also have a dance floor that is specially designed to allow hearing-impaired individuals feel the music. Other patrons who would like to experience this will be given noise cancellation headphones to allow them to groove to the music by only feeling the beats.

“With Smirnoff Experience we want to celebrate diversity and encourage millennials to be more inclusive. We want the festival to become the ultimate music platform that will allow audiences to let go of their prejudices and be open to possibilities of a great night. With global sensations like DVLM and Chris Fonseca sharing the stage, we want to show that everyone is equal on the dance floor,” says Nitesh Chhapru, portfolio marketing head at United Spirits.

About Smirnoff Experience

Smirnoff Experience, India’s most inclusive music festival is based on the philosophy that music and dance is beyond any barrier and open to all. Smirnoff Experience lets party-goers drop the act, be themselves with distinctively new sounds created by renowned International and Indian artists. Through a real party experience, it encourages the emerging youth to let go of pretentiousness and have fun anytime, anywhere. Smirnoff Experience was launched in 2013 and is set to redefine the festival-going experience for the growing community of dance music lovers in the subcontinent.