Admiral Technologies is Awarded as One of the Best Companies to Work for in IT and ITeS 2016


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Admiral Technologies was chosen from a rich field of 145 esteemed IT and ITeS organizations including Google India Pvt. Ltd., Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd, Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd. and many more.

Great Place To Work® Institute measures the level of employee trust in organizations by –

Carrying out a detailed survey with all employees
Learning about the existing people management practices of organizations using its Culture Audit© assessment

People who like what they do, do it better! This is our philosophy, and it runs throughout the whole of the Admiral Group. According to the Great Place to Work Institute, this has helped us to become one of the best employers in both the UK and Europe. We have four pillars that uphold the working culture  of Admiral – communication, equality, reward and recognition and fun. This philosophy has now helped Admiral Technologies to be officially recognized. The company runs some very unique employee benefits such as the annual awards, mediclaim policies, travel benefits, book borrowing, international opportunities, fun activities, cab facility, compulsory holiday leaves, gratuity, health programs and one of the most rewarding, our share scheme. Every single employee is a shareholder, irrespective of their role. That means, we all own a piece of the company and work together to be successful.

Furthermore, besides being treated equally, all teams are encouraged to have open and honest communication, share their ideas, opinions and questions without concern. Some of the communication methods used are staff surveys, newsletters, town halls and Admiral TV.

Gaurav Kumar, Country Head, Admiral Technologies said, “We’re delighted to have received this recognition from Great Place to Work! Everyone here works very hard to make it an excellent place to work. At Admiral Technologies, we take the Happy Employees, Happy Customers principle pretty seriously and constantly work towards creating an ideal work environment for all our employees. A Big Thank You to all our amazing employees who participated in the survey which led us to be recognized with some great organizations as a great place to work. Congratulations to the fellow companies for this wonderful achievement. GPTW has done an amazing job across the globe with their industry leading transparent assessments and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them as well for recognizing Admiral Technologies to be part of this list.”

About Admiral Group plc

Admiral Group plc is one of the most trusted car insurance and price comparison companies of UK, operating in most parts of Europe and United States. The company is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales and is over two decades old. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is also a part of the FTSE 100 Index.

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About Admiral Technologies

Admiral Technologies is the technology support wing of Admiral Group plc, and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Limited, UK. The company started its operations from India on 16th January 2009. It is now in turbo mode to meet the growing demands of the group companies.