‘Feel-Loss-of-Eyes’ is Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Wellness Mantra for his 54th Birthday!


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Dr. Mickey Mehta turns 54 today. And what is significant about this birthday, the holistic health guru says, is that he has (“after 35 successful years in the industry”) finally understood the true meaning of philosophy in man’s wellness.

“To philosophize about wellness is to Feel-Loss-of-Eyes,” he explains. “It literally means to close one’s eyes, shut the mind, and open the heart. Only when you cut out all dependence on the five senses can you get in depth intuition, foresight and meaningful extra sensory perceptions from within.”

According to the 21st century wellness promoter, “Everything first exists in the thought form, the invisible realm. In the mind and meaningful thoughts emanate out of the philosophies, only when you cut off your sensory feeds and delve deep inside. Thoughts and intent lead to transformation. Man’s resolve is all that is needed to start. We are a small symphony in the large harmony of the universal energy field. The energy field is conscious and sensitive to reactions and responses. With Feel-Loss-of-Eyes we energize the field within us to change the field around us. And with intention, which is followed up by action and words, we transform it completely. Philosophy is the universal truth. Every good philosophy makes us responsibly take a step forward in evolution. Some philosophies like Feel-Loss-of-Eyes are a quantum leap.”

It is Dr. Mickey Mehta’s new mantra for his 54th year. A product of this out-of-the-box philosophy, he says, is the Ten Commandments he charted out that are a simple set of life rules leading towards human evolution. He lists them out – “1. Breathe in… creativity. 2. Stretch… beyond the sky. 3. Walk… towards progress. 4. Move… in awareness. 5. Reach… out to all. 6. Grip life… be in charge. 7. Stabilize… be balanced. 8. Strengthen your core… and confidence. 9. Be calm… be synchronized. 10. Meditate… with the Universe and Get Mickeymized!

Taking Feel-Loss-of-Eyes further, Mickey Mehta says, “This philosophy makes you sound in attitude. And once you are sound, quality thoughts are attracted to the mind. They are the progenitor for meaningful action. When exercise is done in this heightened state of awareness, it brings about rhythmic accord through regulated breathe in the mind and body. When life is in rhythm, you are in a state of ease, when there is a loss of rhythm, what results is dis-ease.”

Scientifically, what he is saying is that Feel-Loss-of-Eyes orchestrates our circadian rhythm. This is our bio clock, the circadian rhythm is a cycle that tells our body when to sleep, rise, eat and regulates our many physiological processes. When this internal body clock is disrupted, it leads to adverse health effects like indigestion, obesity, depression, stress, cardiovascular problems, hypertension and hormonal disorders, etc.

To encourage people to Feel-Loss-of-Eyes, the most popular wellness wizard is offering a generous 54% discount (it’s his 54th birthday) on all memberships at his Wellness Temples until 31st Aug. “I’m happy this Feel-Loss-of-Eyes philosophy struck me,” he says, “and I pray it happens to everyone. Very few philosophies move towards the elevation of the soul. At the end of the day, we all need to be inspired from within. If we aren’t inspired, then we expire!”

About Dr. Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta, is a leading fitness guru and holistic expert personified for more than 25 years has undertaken extensive research in this space. A philosopher to his clients, a life coach to his friends, an author for his fans and a brand name for the others. Mickey Mehta believes in interwoven philosophies like zen, tao, tantra and ved complemented by blended disciplines of exercises like Calisthenics, functional training, boot camp, agility drills, tai chi, pilates, yoga, swimming. Some clients who swear by his holistic teaching include; Bollywood Actress and Models like Sunny Leone, Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, Smriti Irani and many more. Mickey has various activities in Mumbai as well as all over the country. He also plans to expand his wellness centers to countries overseas.