IITs blacklist 30 companies for not honouring job offers, 12 others warned


CHENNAI: In a first ever major overhaul, IITs across the country have blacklisted 30 companies, including 28 start-ups, for one year with immediate effect which meant they can’t take part in forthcoming campus placements season. Interestingly, Flipkart that held hard negotiations was spared since it fulfilled the post-crisis commitment.

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The unanimous decision was taken at the 21 All IITs Placement Committee (AIPC) meeting held at IIT Kanpur on August 14, revealed Kaustubha Mohanty, AIPC convener and head of Centre for Career Development at IIT Guwahati, told the The New Indian Express. Babu Vishwanathan, Training and Placement Advisor, IIT Madras has also attended the meeting and gave concurrence. A total of 135 students were affected during the recent crisis.

The companies have been blacklisted for a variety of reasons including cancellation of offer letter, delaying the joining dates, going back on salary packages etc. Mohanty said these are ‘Category 3’ companies. There are 12 other companies falling under ‘Category 1’ and ‘Category 2’, to whome AIPC has sent warning letters and the apex body chose not to reveal their identity.

Mohanty said if these blacklisted companies wish to come to campus after the period of one year, then they have to first write to him giving justification on why they withdrew offers. “Despite AIPC writing multiple letters seeking answers for their adverse action, these companies chose not to reply. So, they will have to come and given a presentation and have one-to-one discussion with all AIPC members before the ban is lifted. We don’t mind losing some recruiters. The idea is to send a strong message,” he said.

Flipkart let-off

AIPC has not imitated any action against Flipkart. Mohanty said the leading e-commerce firm has fulfilled its commitment and on boarded the students as per the terms and conditions arrived in June early this year. After the initial turmoil, Flipkart has promised to give paid internship of Rs 50,000 per month to all the recruits with initial accommodation and signing bonus till they were recruited on deferred joining date.

The other two major start-ups Roadrunnr and Clicklabs, which had also struck a compromise with IITs and promised to on board students have failed to meet the promise and were blacklisted, AIPC convener said.

Ban on Zomato, which was imposed in 2015, would continue for another year, the official said.

List of blacklisted companies

  1. Zettata
  2. Nowfloats
  3. ConsultLane
  4. Zimply
  5. Peppertap
  6. Portea Medical
  7. Babajobs
  8. GPSK
  9. Hopscotch
  10. SmartTrak Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Crayon Data India Pvt. Ltd.
  12. Glow Homes Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  13. Tescra Software Pvt. Ltd. (Rockon)
  14. Grofers
  15. Tenova India Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Verity Knowledge Solutions
  17. Excellence Tech.
  18. Stayzilla
  19. Roadrunnr
  20. Lexinnova Technologies
  21. LeGarde Burnett Group
  22. Johnson Electric, Japan
  23. Mera Hunar
  24. Fundamental Education
  25. Cashcare Technologies
  26. Holamed
  27. IndusInsight
  28. Clicklabs
  29. Grabhouse
  30. Medd.