• Introduction of the natural resourced plant formulations to address the health hazards of contemporary times.
  • New Product line caters to holistic well-being in various segments.

For Immediate Release….July 25,2016….In a bid to cater to the needs of the growing pool of population, Mumbai-based Herbs Nutriproducts Pvt Ltd has created a treasure of a wide range of plant-based formulations and food supplements under its brand `Pure Nutrition’, that brings  to you a variety of natural foods, supplements and herbal infusions, rich in natural nutrients with an aim to prevent, reduce and even cure diseases and enhance one’s health and wellbeing.

The company, started off as `Herbs Nutrition’ around four years ago and later rechristened to its present brand name keeping in mind its broadening offers. The product line currently boasts of a well-diversified product portfolio, comprising a variety of natural foods, supplements and herbal infusions, packed with natural nutrients to treat complex ailments like diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, liver and kidney complications, sexual disorders and weight-related ailments. Pure Nutrition has developed comprehensive prescriptions for diabetic and obesity management. Pure Nutrition is highly focusing on patient combating the lethal thwarts of Cancer via offering a plethora of supplements along with the methodologies to live a healthy life.

With changing lifestyle, the health conscious generation of today is increasingly seeking solace and solutions in natural and herbal supplements and formulations that apart from having other efficacies, have minimal side-effect. Plant-based formulations have been successful in preventing and healing a number of ailments and diseases. In fact, these formulations based on our ancient wisdom can play a major role in bridging the gaps existing in our conventional medication.  Most importantly, these food supplements and formulations not only help heal the disease but also enhance our body immunity towards prevention of multiple ailments in today’s stressful life. Through Pure Nutrition ,it has been a  huge opportunity ,facilitating remedies  to those who wish to add wellness in full swing  with authenticity .

The formulations are extracted from  a strong base built out of rich experience and knowledge of nutritionists and food engineers in association with the ancient knowledge of local doctors and farmers. To keep up with the ever growing demand, the company has expanded its operations and is working closely with farmers for maintaining sustainable and consistent supply of plant ingredients.

The  team  of expert  herbalists, scientists, nutritionists and doctors are dedicated  to  engineer plants and natural gifts, in order to derive  formulations that can be completely absorbed into the cells of the human body with a focus on immunity and vision to prevent and heal. The key role of Pure Nutrition has been to build a healthier and happier planet, reduce and prevent disease, pain and suffering caused due to malnutrition and improper food habits in our communities and everyday lives via leveraging the gifts of nature and make holistic lifestyle changes to improve our well- being and our planet.


The introduction of the formulations are the outcome of the extensive Research and Development undertaken by the team. These are launched in the market (both domestic and international) after stringent process of trials and testing. The company also possesses an impressive pipeline of products that will hit the market time to time keeping in mind the market demand. Over the years, the company has been gradually ramping up its team. Started off with just three, the team of Pure Nutrition comprises of over 20 people. The company has got footprints in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Mumbai. It is also extensively using various e-commerce platforms to enhance its reach.

Pure Nutrition is offering a gamut of  services to a vast number of  patients with the forte of  improving  their life style. After years of research & study, the company’s endeavors has resulted in an escalated  product range from 4 to above 30 supplements catering to combat against  various disorders. We also ensure that our experts not just sell but also insist on lifestyle alongside of those medicines and treatments,” says Coutinho Luke, founder and director, Herbs Nutriproduct Pvt Ltd, who believes that no supplement will ever work without making lifestyle changes and encouraging people to steer away from conventional medicines  via use natural foods and a change in lifestyle to  alleviate medical conditions. This has successfully turned out to be a huge opportunity, facilitating  those who wish to add wellness to the orbit of health in full swing .


ABOUT Luke Coutinho:

Luke Coutinho practices in the field on Integrative and lifestyle medicine across India, Europe and the U.S. He is the founder and Head of Integrative medicine, at Pure Nutrition. Luke is the author of the best seller ‘ The Great Indian Diet ‘ with Shilpa shetty and previously written book ‘ eat smart, move more, sleep right’ . He is a co-founder with GOQii and the mastermind behind the coaching methodology at GOQii. Luke treats patients with disease and specializes in cancer with a holistic and integrative approach worldwide. He has had massive success handling children and adults with obesity and weight related issues and disease across the globe. He speaks at various forums like EO, YPO, WPO and other private forums worldwide.Luke started the #gethealthyindia campaign which is a free platform from 11am to 12pm every sunday on Facebook where he helps people with disease and other health issues at no cost. The program has now gone global with a reach of over 8 lac people and over 2000 people helped. Luke is currently working on his third book with Shilpa shetty aiming at inculcating health amongst children.

He is involved in nutrition and micro nutrition for the prevention and healing of cancer and disease and is also involved in pain management. He is an affiliate member with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and With advanced certifications from Australia and New York, Luke is tied up with leading hospitals in New York and London and is currently involved in preventive research and study of Curcumin (turmeric), herbs, plants and papaya leaves, used in the treatment of cancer and disease. Luke is an international collaborator with Yale University, Griffin, Preventive and Research and training partner for Nutrition detectives, CT, USA