Silvan Makes Consumer Home Automation Series Available at Retail Stores


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Home automation products are becoming a part of our everyday lives and consumers today are increasingly embracing smart technologies on the home front. Smart homes are no longer a thing only the rich could afford but something almost everyone can have. Silvan, to cater to the customers who are interested in making their home smart and to make their technology within customers’ reach, is making their products available at retail outlets. This is to bring the Silvan experience directly to customer to see and experience these products in the retail stores.

To mark this occasion, Silvan Innovation Labs hosted the Smart Enablers Meet, 2016 on August 5th, 2016. Organised especially for Silvan’s business Retailers and Channel Partners, the event witnessed a formal announcement of Customer Series products – Lumos, CBELL, Lumos, zPly, Security and Cubo – in the market. There were more than a hundred attendees at the event from different business segments such as retailers of consumer electronics, lighting fixtures, system integrators, distributors, interior designers, architects, contractors and so on. All the products were displayed at the venue and were demonstrated live to the audience to give them the feeling of how sitting in an automated environment would feel like. With Mr. Avinash Gautam, CEO, Silvan; Dr. Sujit Kumar and Mr. Srinath as the key speakers, the meet covered the relevance of smart home technologies for real business today.

Speaking about emerging technologies in Smart Living and how it is going to shape the future Avinash Gautam, said, “In the future you will find a lot of technology adoption in homes, but it will come gently without causing major commotion and without making your home look like a technology museum. It is going to be everywhere, without a doubt. The smart homes of the future are not going to be only for the geeks, it is going to be for everyone. And, in this journey, you are not going to become a slave of technology, in fact you are going to be the master, and technology is just going to provide things to you.” He further added that, “The concept of home is definitely changing. The phrase ‘Homes with life’ have now a physical meaning attached to that and all that is enabled by the new wave of automation which are now getting into the market.”

Dr. (Architect) Sujit Kumar giving an architect’s perspective on Sensible Automation for smart living, said, “Things have changed drastically in the past 200 years; it has gone from a switch to smart switches to smart homes. We have always been smart as humans and can do reasonably well even without technology, but because of the lack of time and patience in our highly stressed-out life technology becomes a must. It can help manage our surroundings which can make life stress-free and more organised.”

Talking about the importance of distribution in businesses, Mr. Srinath said, “Distribution is similar to veins through which the life blood flows. If the blood stops flowing the business will fail.

Distribution fills the gap and between the brand and the consumers and links the two together.”

Over the past two years, the real estate automation market leader, Silvan, has developed products which can be taken directly to the consumers. All consumer products of Silvan are retrofit and easy to install. Though home automation is slowing coming to the mainstream in India, it is still something that is unknown to many, hence, real-estate project investors and owners can really benefit from it as a smart home can create a strong first impression on the customers. Having advanced technologies like Silvan’s solutions installed can distinguish your home from the rest in the market and will also help sell your home quickly and get the price you want.

About Silvan Innovation Labs

Silvan Innovation Labs Private Limited is one of the fastest growing companies in India in the builder driven home automation space; it has also launched its consumer products for retrofit homes. Silvan’s founding team comprises veterans from the electronics industry in India with several decades of senior leadership experience in India and abroad. With a strong team of 80 people, Silvan has developed products which are orchestrated specifically for the Indian lifestyle and has quickly made a name as one the most trusted companies in this domain with leading developers adopting its solutions as a default specification in their properties. Silvan was recognized as Red Herring’s Top 100 Asian Companies in 2011 and is a R&D Center recognized and funded by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Others investors in Silvan include The Chennai Angels and Infuse Ventures. For more information, please access