Stone Crusher Industry Should Be Given Due Status & Recognition : Chawla


Bhopal:All India Stone Crusher Industries Association has said that despite being one of the largest employment provider, particularly to the rural and underprivileged community, in the country it has yet to get due status and recognition as an industry, it deserves. Most State governments this industry is merely a mining lease and quarry. There are several issues to be addressed by the State as well as Central government.

This was stated in a press conference and a executive body meeting organised here on Tuesday by the newly elected office bearers of All India Stone Crusher Industries Association. Members of the Association from several cities attended the meeting to discuss various issues and future course of action. The issues discussed at the meeting included simplification of Environment Clearance procedure, proper industry stature to the industry because of long term investments, centralised permissions for the stone crushing industries in the 1 km radius of eco sensitive zones such as National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, supply preference to the local road metal manufacturers in major road and other construction projects etc.

The Association president Devinder Pal Singh Chawla said that Stone Crushing Industry plays an important role in industry and economy development. Stone crushing industry produces various sizes of crushed stone based on the requirement of different construction activities such as Roads, Highways, Bridges, Buildings, Canals etc. There are about 30,000 stone crushers in India, with the economy development, and process of urbanization is accelerated, there will be more stone crushers applied in construction of infrastructure for the country.

While giving a comparison Mr. Chawla further said that in Madhya Pradesh alone there are around 3,000 stone crushers with an estimated investment of Rs.2250 crore. Of this the banks contribute Rs.2,000 crore as loans. The stone crusher industry gets no subsidies, tax benefits or perks despite giving direct and indirect employment to around 5 lakh people. Majority of them come from remote rural areas and economically weaker section. On the contrary a red carpet industry with an investment of Rs.800 crore generates meagre employment of 500 people and in return gets huge benefits such as very cheap land, subsidies and tax benefits. By providing local employment, particularly in the rural areas, the stone crusher industry is curtailing migration to a large extent.

The Association has welcomed the recent notification issued on 1 July 2016 by the Ministry of Environment & Forest pertaining to categorisation of single ownership mines below 5 hectares and clusters above 25 hectares as B2 category. As per the notification the mines approved before 9 September 2013 will now be considered under category B2. This will enable them to get Environment Clearance within their districts only.

Present on the occasion included Pithampur Stone Crushers Industries Association President Sanjay Jain; All India Stone Crushers Industries Association, treasurer, Haritpal Singh Hora; Gwalior Stone Crushers Industries Association vice president Sandeep Gupta and Madhya Pradesh Stone Crushers Industries Association vice president Keshav Pachori.