With 71% water in dams, city may not see any cuts for a yr


MUMBAI: Heavy rain received in the 24 hours bet ween July 31 and August 1 took the total stock in the seven lakes supplying Mumbai to 10.3 lakh million litres, or 71% of the reserve needed to go through a year without any water cuts.

If the good rain continues, Mumbaikars could keep water cut woes at bay . Mumbai needs 14.8 lakh million litres of water in its reservoirs by September 30 for full supply for a year.

Heavy showers continued in Mumbai on Monday . The rainfall recorded in 24 hours from 8.30am on July 31 to 8.30am on August 1 was 38mm in Colaba and 110.5mm in Santa Cruz, above normal for both observatories. Weathermen said a typhoon in the Pacific Ocean is one of the key reasons for the heavy rainfall over north Konkan and Mumbai.

Significantly , Vihar Lake started overflowing on Monday morning at 4.20am. The BMC daily supplies 3,750 million litres of water to Mumbai, of which 90 million litres or around 2% comes from Vihar. Vihar is the second lake after Tulsi among the seven that supply Mumbai -the only two within city limits -to overflow.

Late in the evening, news came that Modak Sagar had also started overflowing. It became the third of the city’s lakes –and one of the larger ones -to overflow. The lake which supplies 440 million litres a day or almost 12% of the city’s daily needs flowed over the brim at 10.28pm on Monday . Interestingly , two lakes overflowed on the same day .

In the 24 hours between July 31 and August 1, the lakes received 73,254 million litres of water. “If it continues to rain in such a manner there should not be any problem this year. We have already received 10.3 lakh million litres and there are two more months of monsoons left,” said an official from the BMC’s hydraulic department.The BMC revoked the 20% water cut it had imposed on Mumbaikars owing to a poor monsoon last year on July 20.

The total rainfall received by Vihar lake so far is 2,993.6mm. Last year, it got only 1,533mm of rainfall till Aug 1.