FICCI Welcomes Brazil as the 76th Member of the ATA Carnet System


New Delhi, Delhi, India

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) welcomes Brazil as the 76th member of the ATA Carnet System. Brazil joins the system as of 28 June 2016 ahead of Rio 2016 Olympics. The ATA Carnet System, which is administered worldwide by the World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC), ICC, Paris has been successfully functioning for more than 50 years, includes at present 76 countries.

ATA Carnet is an international customs document, which replaces customs declarations and allows a simplified and accelerated clearance of temporary import and export of goods for holding exhibitions and fairs, as well as of commercial samples, professional equipment and some other categories of goods. The system gives a number of advantages to businessmen seeking new opportunities in foreign markets. It can benefit Business travelers/sales executives, Fair Exhibitors, Film and TV crews, Artists, Engineers, Educationalists, Entertainers, Sports teams and many more during their overseas trips.

ATA Carnet is the simplest method of exporting goods on a temporary basis. Carnets are like passports for goods replacing normal Customs documentation enabling fast trouble free importation into member countries without having to pay duty/tax. The key benefit is that it can be used for multiple trips throughout the period of its one-year validity. It allows a reduction of delays and a standardization of procedures that are vital in today’s economic world. In addition, it significantly cut the amount of customs paperwork.

FICCI, which administers the ATA Carnet System in India, informs the sport organizations/teams, journalists, and T.V. Broadcasters to make use of this unique facility to carry their goods for display and news coverage at Olympics 2016 in Brazil and reap the benefits.