Somany Ceramics Displays in Style at IGI T3


Delhi NCR, India

Spread over a massive 5.4 million square feet area, Terminal 3 is an integrated domestic and international airport with a combined capacity to handle over 40.99 million passengers per year. With 90% of the flyers belonging to SEC A, high-income elite backgrounds, T3 is the preferred choice for most premium and luxury brands. And with such fancy numbers, the IGI Airport’s T3 Domestic Departure has become a hub for another high-end brand i.e. Somany Ceramics Ltd. The tiles & furnishing brand has tied up with TIMDAA to build a kiosk of 10ft/10ft at the Domestic Departure of IGI Airport Terminal-3 for the duration of 3 months.

During its inauguration Shreekant Somany, Chairman & MD, Somany Ceramics Ltd spoke about this experimental project at the airport exclusively with,” Today tiles are not just coverings any more, but they have become more of a furnishing & fashion material. And much like other materials like fabrics, people want to see and feel them.  In our context, today tile has a huge bandwidth of material available ranging from a driveway to the factory’s floor to home to the showroom; there are numerous designs and usage available. We feel that this kind of a kiosk at a place like an IGI Airport where 25 thousand people are walking-in and out every day and come an hour early, so this is the point where they can get answers to their various unanswered queries. People arriving at the airport have the extra time so they can experience the products and we would probably give them the information as much we can. Additionally the objective is to showcase our product & services along with the disseminating the information.”

Somany Ceramics Ltd has been 1st ever brand from its category which has made maiden arrival at the airport by analysing an opportunity to tap the huge number of walk-ins in a day. “Even in a shop located in a market, you never get more than 20 people walking in a day and people come with a very focus outlook towards their purchases. However, here people are walking-in have free time and their mind-frame is different, therefore they see the products with a different mind-set. When they see something like this then perhaps they carry more impression which stays with them,” explained Shreekant.

The brand hasn’t constrained its target audience with a limited set of people or geography for this set-up. Since the brand has a Pan-India presence and as well as Overseas, therefore people travelling from other states as well countries will be targeted at airport.

The kiosk is meant to engage people with the display of world-class products as well as installed to dispense the information to the interested audience. Understanding the ROI generated from outdoor advertising, Shreekant explained, “We make a judgement with the numbers of people are walking-in and taking an interest so even if you have 200-500 out of 25 thousand walking in so at least 1% of them would convert.”

The company is open to take this experiment to the next level. Depending on the response from this kiosk, Shreekant said that they won’t mind having a luxurious display at other locations like malls and another airports.

About Us

Somany is a leading tile manufacturing company in India which provides complete solution in terms of décor with the widest product selection categories – Ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, wall tiles, Floor tiles and Bath Fittings. Their business has already grown roots in India, Africa, The Middle East, United Kingdom and Russia. To know more about Somany Ceramics visit ( From implementing the newest in technological brilliance to a steadfast practice of lateral thought and trend-setting tenets, to pioneering several first in design and style for consumers. Somany Ceramics determined pursuit of delivering excellence has placed its brand in an illustrious bracket. It was Shri H. L. Somany’s vision that propelled the company to emerge as an unchallenged leader in the Indian tiles sector.