Samarth Kisan Producer Company


Bhopal : Only 48 farmers had established Samarth Kisan Producer Company in Agar district of Ujjain divison. Now, the company has become a strong platform for redressal of problems of thousands of farmers. About 6,500 farmers of the district have joined the company and are availing benefits of obtaining certified seeds, selling crops on lucrative price and obtaining guidance regarding preparing their budgets and scientific consultations pertaining to agriculture. The company was formed in year 2006 due to initiative and personal interest taken by Ujjain Divisional Commissioner Dr. Ravindra Pastor. These days, along with Agar districts, farmers of Sehore, Harda, Hoshangabad, Shajapur and Rajgarh districts also purchase certified seeds from this company.

The company of Agar district’s farmers has emerged as a role model. Inspired by the company’s effective functioning, 75 other companies have been formed in several parts of the state serving interest of farmers. Due to Samarth Kisan Producer Company, farmers have become carefree about quality of seeds. The company provides solidly certified seeds to farmers. During Rabi season, the company procured wheat from farmers at Rs. 1700 per quintal. It has purchased gram at Rs. 4200 per quintal. The company will pay additional Rs. 300 per quintal if prices of gram increase in future. The company paid more price to farmers compared to market.

Company’s CEO Ram Singh Thakur informed that farmers of 137 villages in Agar district are associated with the company. It has obtained dealership and sub-dealership of 5 pesticide companies. In view of steep decline in onion price, the company had purchased onion from farmers at Rs. 6 and 80 paise to Rs. 7 and 50 paise. Now, onion purchased and stored by the company is being taken to market for sale. The company also has a warehouse of 2000 MT capacity and godown of 1200 MT capacity.

Samarth Kisan Producer Company has been formed by incorporating self-help groups sponsored by District Poverty Initiatives Project (DPIP). It was raised by collecting minor share capitals of small and marginal farmers. Company’s Board of Directors takes decisions mostly in favour of farmers. Company’s turnover was Rs. 12 lakh 56 thousand in year 2006, which has risen to Rs. 5 crore now. The company earned net profit of Rs. 21 lakh 50 thousand during last fiscal.