Pokemon Go searches on PornHub surge 136 percent following game release


Nintendo’s Pokemon Go, which is a worldwide phenomenon, is also responsible for an increase in Pokemon searches on Pornhub. According to Pornhub, as of July 11, searches were 136 percent above the daily average prior to the launch of the game.

The report points out that men are 62 percent more likely to be searching for PokePorn, and the 18-24 year old range is 336 percent more likely than all other age groups to be searching for Pokemon. Additionally, Android users were 51 percent more likely to search for Pokemon compared to iOS users.

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Most of the top 20 Pokemon countries are in Central and South America with Bolivia, Peru and Chile in the lead. These statistics come from Google Analytics. Pornhub states that Google’s anonymized data includes ‘affinities’, which determines a users’ likely interests based on their Google search history and web browsing habits. Using this affinity data, the company was able to find what type of gaming fans were most likely to search for Pokemon.

Pokemon Go will also, soon introduce advertising via “sponsored location” which would reportedly provide “a new revenue stream, in addition to in-app purchases of power-ups and virtual items.”

In conversation with Financial Times, Chief Executive of Niantic ​John Hanke says, “There is a second component to our business model at Niantic, which is this concept of sponsored locations where companies “pay us to be locations within the virtual game board — the premise being that it is an inducement that drives foot traffic.”