“Pay Per Site Visit Model” – Another Innovative Move by Krono, to Sell Residential Complexes


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Krono, a digital and marketing consultancy, has introduced a new model, “Pay Per Site Visit Model (PPSV)” to lure different real estate builders as it can act as powerful tool for selling residential complexes. In this case, the potential client is charged a fixed fee on each site visit. The best part here is that Krono doesn’t charge the client for advertising, marketing, collaterals, media or the database selected and executed.

In the recent years, the road for the realty sector, specifically the residential sector has been bumpy and has been witnessing turbulent times. High inventory levels, diminished demand and limited liquidity saw sales and prices plummet, impacting new launches. The real estate sector witnessed the worst phase in 2015-16. Overall residential sales were down. But in order to resolve and tackle this crisis, real estate in India has been trying to figure new strategies for marketing and pushing sales as well its revenues. Today, high to middle-low end customer’s journey in India starts with online research. Therefore, real estate digital marketing is a powerful tool for selling residential complexes. In fact, real estate companies in India are exploiting several mediums on internet, like digital marketing, to reduce their marketing spends on traditional media and enhance their outreach, effectiveness and conversion rates. According to recent surveys and reports, Real estate firms in India spend about 25 per cent on digital marketing. With such a major chunk of digital marketing proves that real estate has approved its efficacy and relevance.

Mr. Manoj Rathi, CEO of Krono said, “We at Krono believe it’s very essential to think innovative in terms of marketing. Hence, we see potential in the new model- Pay Per Site Visit Model as it can strongly attract the right people effectively.”

About Krono:

Krono is a company that provides Digital and Direct marketing solutions along with value added services to the customer environment by specialization (specializing) in the state of the art systems and technology to provide professional outsourcing service. It offers services in the fields of Email, SMS, Telecalling, Database Management and Lead Generation and Management, coupled with Marketing Strategies, Planning and Execution activities. The company has a Reach out Facilitation to over 10000 clients Pan India. Krono came into existence in the year 2006 and today it has over 10000 clients and counting. Founded by Manoj Rathi, Krono specializes in developing customized marketing and communication solutions as per the requirements. One of the reasons as to why brands should associate with Krono is that they focus on consistently maintaining high benchmarks as standards for all of their products and services.