International Space Station cuts live video feed after possible UFO encounter


The International Space Station (ISS) has a popular live feed that is available to the public, accessible via their Ustream page. The feed lets virtually anyone peek into the functioning of the space station, and also experience some spectacular views of our home planet.

However this feed was mysteriously shut off a few days ago, following reports of an unidentified object entering its vicinity. The incident happened on 9 July and was proliferated by popular UFO hunter Streetcap1, who uploaded a video of the object travelling across the ISS camera’s field of view.

The clip appears to show a blue object descending toward the Earth’s horizon, all the while rotating.

He has however posted a caveat saying that this well be anything–not necessarily an alien craft. He does however say that what makes this incident especially interesting is the fact that the live video feed appeared to have been terminated the instant the object stopped moving.

Possible explanations of what this object could be range from a meteor, to it probably being the Chinese space cargo ship Tiangong-1.

This incident has sparked discussions among conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters, accusing NASA of intentionally disabling their live video feed at times such as these.