Loksabha Speaker dedicates ‘Mandar Tower’ for Public Safety

Mandar & No More#

Joining the ‘Mandar-And-No-More’ Mission, BSNL sets up 2G mobile tower in Kerwa Dam area, as a part of their social responsibility

10-July-1016, Sunday, BHOPAL

Loksbha Speaker Smt. Sumitra Mahajan today inaugurated through remote a 2G mobile tower in a special program organized in Governor House for the purpose. This tower has been set up by BSNL Madhya Pradesh, as a public welfare contribution to the efforts of  ‘Mandar-And-No-More’ (MANM) Mission to save lives from the dangers of water-bodies. The program was attended by Dr. C G Pandey, CGM BSNL, Dr. Mahesh Shukla, GM BSNL, family and friends of Mandar and representatives from Rotary, Bhopal Management Association etc.

The Speaker Smt. Mahajan hailed the MANM Mission as an example of social & civic responsibility and praised the persons and organizations associated with the mission. She said she was confident that this exemplary effort of the Mission will motivate others all over the country and progress will be made in making water-bodies safer for public.

The newly inaugurated tower will help the visitors at Kerwa Dam area in getting help in case of emergency. Earlier, the mobile network in this area was either not available or was very weak. This factor alone resulted into several cases of fatalities because rescue support could not be reached in time.

Similar incident took place on 21-March-2015, when a 16 year old school boy, Mandar Vedghoshe lost his life due to drowning in the infamous ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ (Literally, the well of death). Mandar’s family and friends began their efforts since then to make the place safer for visitors and this soon turned into a larger mission. They have been very sincerely and selflessly pursuing their pledge of saving lives from the dangers of water-bodies. The mission has made the said Kerwa area water-body almost risk-free now, by filling its uneven depths, improving the availability of police and creating awareness in society regarding the risks at such places. In fact, it is a great success of MANM Mission that during the period of over one year, there has not been any untoward incident at this place, where accidents were reported very frequently.

In recognition of the initiative and efforts of Mandar’s family and friends, the new mobile tower has been named “Mandar Tower”. The MANM Mission is now in the process of expanding the activities of making water-bodies safer in Madhya Pradesh and other states as well.

The team of MANM Mission was very confident and excited that their cause will get new horizon and dimension because their respected ‘Tai’ has inaugurated ‘Mandar Tower’. The team expressed their gratitude to Smt. Mahajan for this encouragement and also thanked BSNL, MP, for their valuable contribution in the form of tower, and support to the mission.