Bhopal to be the first city in country with Smart Public Bike Sharing Scheme


LED streetlights to illuminate city

Bhopal : Non-motorized transport will be promoted in Bhopal Smart City Mission. Bhopal is the first city in the country, where Smart Public Bike Sharing Scheme will be implemented. Initially, 50 bicycle stations and 500 Smart Cycles will be available under the scheme. A person will take Smart Cycle from one station and leave it after reaching another station. A computer is fitted in the rear side of the 3-gear bicycle, which is necessary take out cycle from docking station through Smart Card. Constant monitoring of cycle will be done through GPS at control room. Cycles can be hired by payment through app, smart-card, logging-pin or mobile phone or by will be hired bicycle. The low fares will also promote cycling in the city.

State’s three cities including Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur have been selected under Smart City Project. Citizens will get sophisticated amenities in these cities.

Bhopal has been selected for the redevelopment model. City’s redevelopment will create new jobs for young generation. Due to fresh possibilities of investment, Bhopal will also prosper financially. Bhopal’s residents will get over 8 services under smart and intelligent street lighting project.

These over 8 intelligent services will include, street-pole, area-based project management consultant for Development, mobile-based citizen service delivery and collaboration platform for the city of Bhopal, Intelligent Transport Systems, control and command center, public bike sharing, GIS facility, Bhopal Golden Mile and Innovation Centre and Solar City.

All streetlights in the city will be changed to LED. Over 100 places in the city will have Wi-Fi, sensors for information on environmental, optical fiber network, smart parking, digital information screens and sophisticated control and command centre. Implementation of the project will end problem of mobile call-drops. Bharti Infratel, Ericsson and HPL are investing Rs. 400 crore on smart street light project under PPP mode. Bhopal Municipal Corporation will also receive revenue from the project annually.

Bhopal Plus app will be appropriate means to give facilities to citizens. Through its various services, citizens will be able to get facilities on the same platform.

Bhopal city citizens level geographic information system (GIS) is an interactive map system. It will be extremely useful for government departments, citizens and the city’s business. There will be a special layer for sewerage, water supply, transport, health, education, tourism, various services such as electricity, which can be used by concerning departments. Common people will also cooperate with the administration through concerning search and. Bhopal City Level GIS is being developed on the lines of Singapore’s One-Map. There will be a unique and interactive layer of all departments and services. This would be used as an important tool for implementation of schemes, service delivery and interaction with the public.