Father of Chennais Amirta’s Suicide Victim Asks the Perpetrators Not to Seek the Incident an Opportunity to Show Business Rivalry Against the College


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Father of K. Karthik Prabhu, who was a student of Chennais Amirta Institute of Hotel Management and committed suicide in February 2015, has released a video asking the business competitors of the college not to use interviews he gave to the media following the death of his son or use his son’s name as a tool to spoil the admissions of the college or defaming the college’s reputation.
K. Karthik Prabhu, aged 22, who was studying at Chennais Amirta’s OMR campus, has committed suicide at a private hostel outside the premises during February 2015. Subsequently, a case was filed and pending before the court.

Meanwhile, as a way of making the public know that the college is innocent in the incident, the father of Karthik Prabhu in a video record clarified that the business rivals are repeatedly trying to blow up the incident whenever the opportunity arises to defame the college.

The video is of 1 min 45 secs and has captured the father saying that the competitors are using it as a platform to earn the institute bad reputation and have an edge over the college during admissions, evident from the fact that those who have promised their support initially have turned down his calls subsequently and now approaching him again with an intent to malign the institute’s name and fame.

He further went on to say that the High Court has ordered not to denigrate the college as the case is still in the trial phase and doing so is a punishable offence.

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