Kshitij – Hindi Poetry Collection by Parul Chaturvedi Released in the Constitutional Club of India, New Delhi


New Delhi, Delhi, India
A young poetess, Mrs. Parul Chaturvedi from Kanpur, who is presently living in Kuwait, has released her first book, Kshitij – Hindi Poetry Collection on a grand function in the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, India. Kshitij has released in India, United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and Italy on the same day.

This miracle has come true by an amazing effort of Educreation Publishing, India’s Number 1 Self Publishing House. On the date of launch event, there was a presence of more than 150 guests on the venue, and it was an amazing site, finding a young poetess speaking about her first poetry collection.
Kshitij is a compilation of emotional, heart-touching poetries, which covers all aspects of human emotions, relations, religion, patriotism and societal issues. It depicts the journey of a small-town girl, losing her parents at an early age, finding love and solace in a very loving and caring joint family, which is a rarity at these times, and then growing up to be a mother, a wife and all emotions involved throughout. It is written in simple everyday-used Hindi that we use and pictures emotions that are felt by everyone at one time or the other in life.

The book is based on basic human values and empathy which a poet feels towards all people around her. It describes the value of having parents and grandparents in our life and depicts love and respect towards our family, our soldiers and our society. The poems will surely touch all the readers’ hearts, and they will be able to relate very closely to the feelings depicted in these poems.

‘Ab Main Boodha Hone Laga Hoon’ one of the poems from Kshitij has gone viral over social media. It is buzzing facebook and whatsapp all around and is now running on 10K shares just from Hindi page and is receiving many appreciative comments on it.

Author and poetess, Parul Chaturvedi had her high school from St. Mary’s Convent High School, Kanpur and did B.Tech from MPEC, Kanpur and MBA from IBM from Kanpur University. She has a seed of writing right from her childhood days. She had been writing articles and poems for her school magazine and anchoring the school and college functions.

She had already published one of successful title, and she was there on the launch of her first book, she was there speaking about all aspects of her book in a beautiful way to the audience. Speaking about the inspiration in writing this book author, Parul Chaturvedi said, “My mother was my greatest inspiration. She used to write beautiful poems, but unfortunately she could never publish them as a book. I often used to ask her, why don’t you get your book published, and she always had the same reply, ‘I could not get them published, but you get them published in your name when you grow up.’ I used to shake off the idea by thinking that why would I get them published in my name, I would do it in her name only if I ever could.”

Parul has also given gratitude words to her husband, Amit Chaturvedi, and her brother, Akshaya Chaturvedi, who have been a constant support in getting this book published. She told that her in-laws, her grandparents, her uncles, aunts and cousins, and of course her four-year-old daughter have been her inspiration in writing this book. Many of her friends on Facebook have been a constant encouragement by their warm appreciations on her work and have supported her throughout in promoting this book.

She also had spoken about the Traditional and Self Publishing scenario in India. She told, “Getting my book published was not an easy task as I was sitting outside India. So, traditional publication was a bit difficult for me, thus I went for self publishing. Hunted for publishers online and rounded off to Educreation Publishers, also because they are Delhi based and had assured full justice to my work.”

This shows that now self publishing in India is growing on a much rapid phase. Day-by-day, authors are getting attracted to self publishing books in India. The reason is simple, self-publishing is convenient and easy to approach. Educreation Publishing is the leader of self publishing companies in India that has shown its dedicated working style towards authors since 2011. Till date, they have helped many authors live their dreams.
Being a startup, they too faced challenges, but they always have shown a courtesy and gratitude towards their authors and that’s the prime reason of being the India’s Number 1 Self-Publishing House.

Kshitij is available in more than 100 countries and in more than 39,000 locations as Paperback and eBook. In India, it can be ordered from Amazon, Flipkart, BooksCamel, Infibeam, Paytm and Rediff-books as Paperback and from Google Playstore and Google Books as an eBook.