AAP looks to replicate Delhi campaign strategies in Goa, Punjab


New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is set to contest elections in the states of Punjab and Goa next year. In the run-up to these elections, the party is banking on the campaign strategies it used before the Delhi elections, including crowd sourcing their manifesto and door-to-door campaigning.

In Delhi, the AAP managed to secure a historic victory by winning 67 out of the 70 seats in the assembly. Punjab and Goa will be the first states the party will contest after their Delhi win.

“These campaign strategies worked well for us in Delhi. We will be implementing similar plans in other states too,” said a senior AAP leader, who did now wish to be named.

In the run-up to the Delhi election, the party had organized a series of discussions on various issues, including youth, education and health. The campaign, titled ‘Delhi Dialogue’, led to the formation of their 70-point manifesto for the party. The campaign is being replicated in Punjab and Goa.

The party has launched ‘Bolda Punjab’, a series of discussions focussing on the issues that affect the state. So far, the party has conducted meetings on farmer issues and youth. In Goa, too, a similar campaign has been planned. The party will soon launch the campaign across the 40 constituencies in Goa.

“With an agenda of clean governance and anti-corruption, besides other local issues, the initiation of ‘Goem Samvaad’ will be a vital exercise for the AAP to involve participation of people to form the manifesto, a first-time effort in Goa’s political history,” according to a statement released by the party in Goa.

The party is also working on building their organisational set-up in the two states. While in Punjab, the process has been complete, in Goa, the party is in the process of setting up various wings, including women and youth.

In Punjab, the women’s wing of the party has launched the Dastak campaign. The campaign will focus on the fight against unemployment, drug abuse and price rise. As part of the door-to-door campaign, volunteers will visit houses spread across the 117 constituencies in the state to gather support through signatures on these issues.

“The issues in each state are very different. Our campaigns are being modified to address the needs of specific states,” the leader said.

The party is also keen on showcasing the work being done by the AAP-led Delhi government in the election-bound states.

The party is also planning to contest elections in the state of Gujarat, but an official announcement is yet to be made. Delhi chief minister and AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal is scheduled to travel to the state next month.