A College Dropout Opens a Door for People to the World of Imagination & Fantasy


New Delhi, Delhi, India
Who says that success has arrived only by mainstream Education. Whether it’s a life of Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Bhagat Singh or Mark Zuckerberg, all have set an example of chasseing your heart. The same is the Message from the blockbuster legend Movie, 3 Idiots, too.

And now an emerging author, Chetan M Kumbhar from Goa has set up the same example again. He has never found himself involved in the traditional Education, rather he was one to found of with his hearts and imaginations. He is a daydreamer and an amazing fantasy writer.
His recently published book ‘Panasu – The Golden City & The Capasstars’ are hitting readers like no one ever could. This book is all about a fictional town, Panasu, a back story in History, a royal Kingdome, a saga of heroes and a devil.

By going through chapters of this book you will be going through unknown ages, a journey not witnessed in ordinary man’s realm. Starts with showing the dazzling golden city and the fierce heroes, takes you to the history; the dream, the making. Evil expansion and the loss of the legend and the loss of glory. The union of infinitesimal threads and the rise of a new adventure.

The book is basically a great fantasy which a reader would love to read. Book is published by Educreation Publishing, The Number 1 Destination for self publishing book in India. The books are published and is released in India, US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Since the launch of the book, author Chetan Kumbhar is receiving a lot of positive response and comments from readers. Everyone going through the book describes that he was in the other world throughout the time he was with the book. That’s surely a great success instance for any of the author.

Speaking about How this all started and how he had come up with such an amazing writing he said that, “I wrote this book in 15 days way back in 2014. It was an amalgamation of free time working from home and a night dream that took me to a hell lot of places. It was truly amazing. Post that it took more than 18 months to rework on the story post taking feedbacks from a few friends. Then there was editing, artwork planning etc. The major time spent was in perfecting the story. I was helped by many friends in correcting a lot of content.”

After writing once he finally decided to publish, he also had made a casual approach like most of other emerging authors. He reaches many of traditional publishers but doesn’t have an appropriate response. Thereafter he decided to self publish a book and have made a search for a best self publishing company in India and finally reaches Educreation Publishing for self publishing his book.

He says that the journey for publishing was also an unforgettable experience. He was having full control over his book, how its interior designing would appear, how would be its cover, what all will be seller description on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. He was having all experiences of Self Publishing as a memorable instances of his life.

Now once his book is available in paperback and eBook in 100+ countries to 39000+ locations and is receiving a great response, he is very happy at his decision of selecting self publishing. He says that “The journey has just begun. This book is just the beginning of an amazing, inspiring adventure. Many years would be dedicated to unfolding this entire, big adventure.”

On asking that to whom you believe was most supportive and important for the successful publishing and releasing of your first book, Chetan said, “Many friends knowingly and unknowingly have been a part of the journey of writing my first. From my fiancée to close friends and friend’s friends. I want to include all those who have touched my life in some or the other manner. From the face of the book to the dream, it’s all my friends and family. Thank you all.”

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