NASSCOM Recognizes Fission Labs Team for its Theme of Citizen Services for Smart Cities at TechNgage


Hyderabad, India

Fission Labs was recently announced by NASSCOM as the first runner-up at its TechNgage event. It is a prestigious competition that carries the theme of “Celebrating Technology & Technologists”. Fission Labs being a first-time participant of this event has established its credentials by winning this competition with its ideas and implementation. Competing against nearly 2500 teams participating from different software firms, Fission Labs team members earned the title of ‘World Class Techie’. With the Theme of Citizen Services for Smart Cities (TCSSC), Fission Labs stands as a proud developer of the said system and takes pride in these innovative concepts. Fission Labs hopes to make these early stage ideas a reality and turn Hyderabad into a world class smart city and make it a blue print for other smart initiatives across India.

Against stiff competition, Fission Labs presented its revolutionary Smart Data Management System the purpose of which is to extract key performance indicators to improve the daily life of an average citizen. At the core, it is meant to demonstrate the power of efficient digital solutions covering essential citizen services like energy, water and emergency services such as fire stations, hospitals among many other services. The system leverages large quantities of data from various governmental organizations and processes them through Analytics thus enabling smart and efficient decision making/services.

About Fission Labs

Fission Labs is a product development services company which specializes in agile development of highly scalable applications, data analytics using big data technologies, rich internet applications on mobile and web, IoT, QA and cloud management. From requirements to production, prototyping to scaling, frontend to backend, Fission Labs offers services that span the entire product lifecycle.  A cloud-first and cloud-only company, Fission Labs has more than 7 years of experience helping Silicon Valley startups and Fortune Global 500 enterprises build highly available and low-latency applications that scale to hundreds of millions of users.