REAN Cloud Celebrates Healthcare & Pharma Enterprise Modernization Week


Hyderabad, India
REAN Cloud (“REAN”), a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and AWS Life Sciences Partner, celebrated Healthcare & Pharma Enterprise Modernization week, June 7 to 9, 2016. During this week, REAN along with Dun & Bradstreet hosted a series of CIO Roundtable events in Hyderabad and Mumbai where Pharma and Healthcare industry leaders came together to share key insights about how cloud can help organizations become agile and responsive to quickly changing market, thereby paving way for greater innovation while reducing the burden of IT infrastructure cost.

The 2 CIO roundtables with focus on Pharma and Healthcare sector were hosted on June 7 at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad and on June 9 at Four Seasons, Mumbai. The theme for the events was Role of Cloud Computing in driving agility and flexibility in the Pharma/Healthcare Sector. We had participation from the top Pharma & Healthcare companies including:

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.
Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.
Reliance Life Sciences
Biological E Limited
U. S. Pharmacopeia

Discussion revolved around understanding the risks and benefits of transitioning to the cloud for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. The attendees acknowledged that while the use of cloud for regulated workloads is growing rapidly in the US and European markets with Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing the most compliant and secure environment for the Pharma / Healthcare sector; the cloud adoption in this industry is still at a nascent stage in the Indian market. The overarching view from the panel and participants alike was that there is no reason for the Indian market not to embrace the Cloud capabilities and leverage the path paved by their US and European counterparts and to not only break the barriers for entry but enhance their innovation quotient.

Participants discussed data security on the cloud and custom cloud offerings for regulated workloads with regard to the pharma & healthcare sector. Many pharma industry leaders presented various present and future scenarios that could be made possible only on cloud and looked for guidance from technology partners such as AWS and REAN Cloud.

Sean Finnerty, Executive Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, REAN Cloud, presented many interesting use-cases where AWS cloud has helped global Pharma & Life Sciences giants to move complex applications like drug research, DNA sequencing, and clinical trials to the cloud while bringing down cost considerably and improving their Go-to-market time.

Industry leaders concluded that the cloud drives innovation, can turn capex to opex, while meeting all Government regulations and providing transparency in the business processes.

About REAN Cloud

REAN Cloud, a Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and AWS Managed Services Partner, is a cloud-native firm with deep experience supporting enterprise IT infrastructures and implementing continuous integration, continuous delivery pipelines.

With its headquarters at Herndon, VA, the company has implemented complex and highly scalable architectures which support secure, compliant operations in highly regulated industries such as the Financial Services, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Education, and Public Sector verticals.

The company’s team has extensive AWS expertise and DevOps experience that ensures quick, secure and reliable launch of clients’ solutions with no capital investments needed to procure hardware or services. REAN Cloud team has worked with global organizations including Radian, Ditech Mortgage, Brainloop, Ellucian, Ozy Media and Sentient Energy. REAN Cloud solutions are bundled with advanced security features to help address clients’ compliance needs.