Mark Zuckerberg talks AI, online storage, and lizard lineage in first ever Live Q&A


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg yesterday hosted the first ever Live Q&A session on the social network. While Zuckerberg has done Q&A sessions with fans at townhalls in the past, this is the first time the session was conducted entirely online, using Facebook Live.

The session kicked off with the most popular question, a Facebook user asking for online storage on the social network, akin to Google Drive and OneDrive. Of course, while Zuckerberg failed to give anything more than a vague answer, his positive response of “we’re working on it” does inspire some excitement.


Aside from other expected troll questions, one of the fan queries involved users with disabilities. To that end, Zuckerberg mentioned Facebook’s work in artificial intelligence, which currently involves AI development that helps disabled users on the platform. For instance, Facebook is leveraging the platform’s facial recognition software to have its AI recognise the objects in photos, and read it out to blind users. Another suggested use was to have the software automatically be able to display subtitles for videos on the network.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also working on improving Live Videos, starting with bringing the chat feed back to create a more engaged experience. Of course, there’s no real time frame for when we might see that feature appearing.

Unfortunately, Zuckerberg also wasted an opportunity for a witty retort. Asked, “Are the allegations true that you are secretly a lizard?” fans received a fairly straight-faced “No”. Skilled businessman though he might be, Zuckerberg clearly needs to work on his humour.