12 Cheetals successfully translocated to Indira Sagar island


New forests being developed in Dhari-Kotla

Bhopal : Forest Department has successfully translocated 12 Cheetals from Van Vihar, Bhopal to Dhari-Kotla island in Indira Sagar reservoir in Khandwa district. Under the leadership of PCCF Wildlife Ravi Shrivastava, 7 Cheetals were translocated at 5.15 am yesterday and 5 this morning through BOMA technique. This is one of the islands emerged in submergence area of Indira Sagar Dam.

Island to become habitat of tiger

Ravi Shrivastava said that there are a number of National Parks and Tiger Reserves in Northern parts of the state, but the Western region is devoid of this glory. Except tigers, species of various wildlife and vegetations exist on the island. Earnest efforts are being made by Forest Department to develop the island as a tiger habitat. Island is being developed at prey-base for tigers. Tigers rescued from residential areas and those involving in fights for territorial fights will be translocated there.

Grasslands developed for Cheetals

Work to make the island conducive for Cheetals was being undertaken for long. Under supervision of specialists, grasslands have been developed there during last 3 months. More grasslands will develop during rainy season.

Translocation successful despite adverse condition

It was very challenging to translocate Cheetals in this scorching heat. But the Department had no option but to wait till March-April since the area is surrounded by water from all sides. When water receded, translocation was undertaken. All Cheetals are healthy after about 225 kilometer translocation journey and trying to adapt to new environs. The faster their population will increase on the island, the earliest a new forest with tiger will come up in the state.