Flipkart offers interim relief to IIT recruits, promises paid internship of Rs 50,000 per month


New Delhi: Students will now breathe a sigh of relief as India’s largest e-commerce firm Flipkart is offering internships to the recruits whose joining dates were earlier deferred by six months.

The Indian Institutes of Technology has claimed that they have been assured internships by the firm. The campus recruits will also be given a monthly stipend of Rs 50,000 during their internship period. Besides, students also get initial accommodation of 15 days.

In a conversation with Economic Times, the Bengaluru-based company said that the internships will be at other start-ups. Also this initiative was worked out voluntarily by employees of Flipkart, who themselves were hired from various top institutes in earlier years.

Professor Kaustabha Mohanty, convenor of the All-IITs Placement Committee (AIPC) said that the students will be taken on as interns from end of June-July, while the official contract will start from December 1.

A letter was being sent out by alumni to this year’s recruits says that they have a considerable number of startups companies who are eager to absorb the recruits.

Also at the end of the internship, the interns can either take up their job offers and join Flipkart or continue at the startups, the report said.

Another startup Roadrunnr, which had also deferred joining dates to December, guaranteed the IITs that it will take on all hired students latest by end-September.

The company had earlier delayed the joining of fresh recruits, giving excuse that ‘it was undergoing a few structural changes’. On its part, the company had also said that it was in mood of shortening the deferment period.