Harvard Business School’s Upcoming Executive Education Program to Focus on Negotiation and Dealmaking


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
This year’s curriculum to focus on:

The core elements of successful negotiations and dealmaking
Creating and capturing maximum value in negotiations
Negotiating from a position of power or weakness
Adapting your strategy as the interests and goals of the parties change
Resolving conflicts and overcoming deadlock when parties seem unwilling to negotiate in good faith
Understanding the psychology of decision making and negotiation

Harvard Business School (HBS) will host their upcoming executive education program, Negotiations and Dealmaking—India, from 26 – 29 September, 2016 at the HBS style classroom, Taj Land’s End,
Program Dates:
26 – 29 September, 2016

Application Deadline:
31 August 2016

Program details on

Negotiations and Dealmaking—India
Mumbai. The interactive four-day curriculum makes extensive use of hands-on simulations to strengthen one’s decision-making and negotiation skills.

The program is intended for senior executives, managers or seasoned individual contributors from any industry, who participate in negotiations as part of their role and want to improve their ability to negotiate effectively and close deals more efficiently and profitably.

“In today’s environment, companies need individuals who are able to negotiate effectively in a wide range of business situations in order to drive the strategy forward and create value for the firm. These skills take more than the power of personality and much more than good intuition. Negotiators also need to assess the situation accurately, think strategically, overcome obstacles, and adapt to changing conditions. The program will help individuals in improving their ability to negotiate and achieve their company’s goals,” said Professor Deepak Malhotra, Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.

“The program’s curriculum provides participants with valuable insight into their strengths and areas for improvement, while the negotiation case studies put them in the shoes of real-life negotiators and prompt them to examine potential new strategies and approaches. The hands-on exercises will build from simple two-party negotiations to more complex scenarios that test their learning and stretch their abilities. Case studies will provide further insight into the best practices of negotiation and how participants can put their improved skills to work in deals, disputes and difficult situations,” said Professor Max H. Bazerman, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration and Co-Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School.

As with all HBS Executive Education programs, the India portfolio is taught by distinguished HBS faculty using the renowned HBS case-study method. Faculty lectures, interactive exercises, and diagnostic assessment tools create a dynamic learning environment. The program aims to build long-lasting relationships via the professional network that is created through close interaction with an elite group of Indian and global peers.