PM Modi presents report card: top 10 quotes


The Government on Saturday celebrated its two years in office with a gala event where the Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed to root out corruption and make life easier for people “looted” for years.

A battery of Union Ministers dwelt at length on the achievements of the BJP-led NDA dispensation at the event which was held at historic India Gate.

Here are the top 10 quotes from Mr. Modi’s speech:

— As long as we do not remember the work done during the days of the previous government, we will not be able to realise that what a big task has been accomplished.

— I am standing before people of the country with satisfaction. We have been able to get the trust and enthusiasm of people despite a very minute examination of our work. The trust of people is growing day by day. This also increases our confidence.

— I cannot say this about those who are opposing us for political reasons. But I want to say one thing. On one hand there is the agenda of development and on the other hand is the agenda of obstructionsism.

— If illegal money is found in accounts of those who are named in Panama case, then they will also be prosecuted as in case of HSBC accounts.

— I am here to assure you that we are doing everything to live up to the faith people have reposed in us. And the country has seen that no decision was taken with any malafide intention, no effort was spared in working hard and we have dedicated ourselves to people’s cause by keeping their and national interest paramount.

— It is true that those who have pocketed money will face difficulties and feel the pinch. Who have pocketed it and when have they pocketed it is not my subject but it is the money belonging to the poor and will not be allowed to go to others.

— Some people tell me that I do so much work and yet face so much opposition and abuse. They advise to engage with media more and rectify communication strategy. How do I convince them that those who were beneficiaries of the 36,000 crore will abuse me when I have stopped this loot of public money.

— There was time when headlines used to be made by increasing the number of subsidised cooking gas cylinders from 9 to 12 and now my trust in the people has been amply rewarded by the fact that when I called on people to give up their gas subisdies, over one crore people did so on one call.

— My target is to provide five crore gas connections to those households which still rely on wood fired ovens for cooking

— We have three years of this term left; I promise to work hard to justify the confidence placed on me by the people. I will not stint when it comes to hard work.