Delhi-NCR Top Job Creator In January-March: Report


New Delhi: Delhi-NCR emerged as the top job creator among eight major cities in January-March, generating over 2.6 lakh new employment opportunities during the period, says a report.

A total of 8.5 lakh jobs were created in eight major cities across the country, the report said.

“Delhi-NCR emerged on top with over 2.6 lakh new jobs created during January to March 2016 followed by Bangalore (1.9 lakh), Mumbai (1.5 lakh), Chennai (82,200) and Hyderabad (60,000). About 88.9 per cent of job openings have been recorded in these top five cities,” said the report by Assocham, an industry body.

In Delhi-NCR, about 61.1 per cent of job openings were recorded from the information technology-enabled services (ITeS), followed by services (18.5 per cent), manufacturing (8.4 per cent), banking financial services and insurance (7.2), and construction and real estate (3.1) of all the new jobs generated, the report said.

“Among top metro cities, Delhi-NCR had maximum share of over 30.1 per cent in job creation while Bangalore witnessed a 23.4 per cent contribution in job creation followed by Mumbai with 18.6 per cent,” Assocham secretary general D S Rawat said.

Other major cities that recorded significant job openings during January to March 2016 are Pune (49,200), Kolkata (25,200) and Ahmedabad (20,500), the report highlighted.