Etihad Airways launches a VR video starring Nicole Kidman


DUBAI: The UAE’s flag carrier Etihad Airways has launched a five minute fully immersive virtual reality movie starring its global brand ambassador and Oscar-winning actor Nicole Kidman to share the airline’s story with consumers in an “innovative” way.

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The five-minute feature, titled Reimagine, starring Nicole Kidman, in one of its new Airbus A380s flying between New York and Abu Dhabi.
This marks the first time that a Hollywood actor has ever starred in a 360 degree fully immersive virtual reality movie.
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“The film is a culmination of Etihad’s vision to tell the airline’s story in an extremely innovative way and a commitment to engaging with the public as has never been attempted by an airline before. It was a great challenge but one which has definitely paid off and it was great to be part of such an exciting project,” Nicole Kidman said.
Throughout the experience, the viewer meets several characters including the actress, her film director, an opera singer and even an Emirati guest with a falcon in First Class.
“We want to share Etihad’s story in a completely new way, using technology to make our consumers a part of the narrative and to experience an Etihad Airways A380 flight first-hand, from anywhere,” Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer said.