Bad news fans; No Man’s Sky launch delayed to July


Well anticipated sci-fi space exploration game No Man’s Sky looks like it could be pushed back a couple of months, after one store started replacing its June release date with “Coming Soon” notices. Citing two sources, one of which came from inside a prominent US retail chain, Kotaku reports that No Man’s Sky is being rescheduled from June to July or August at the earliest.

The game has always been a significant departure from the small UK studio’s earlier work — the slapstick action of 2010’s Joe Danger and 2012’sJoe Danger 2: The Movie — but was a massive word of mouth success from the moment it was first shown in public. Debuting at the televised VGX awards on December 7, 2013, the soaring ambition of No Man’s Sky proved to be the show’s high point as it exploded across gaming sites and social networks.

Players would be able to explore a vast universe, naming and discovering fully inhabited planets as well as the plants and creatures that live on them. While it would be theoretically possible for two human pilots to meet, the sheer size of “No Man Sky” makes it more likely they’d find only traces of existence instead.

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Work continued even after storms battered the UK’s southern counties at 2013’s end, when flooding submerged the Hello Games offices and wiped out the team’s initial progress. Behind the scenes, Sony had demonstrated keen interest, and later unveiled No Man’s Sky as a PlayStation 4 title at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3); a version for Windows PCs would launch at the same time, it later emerged.

Since then, increasingly high-profile engagements have led to increasing mainstream recognition. Studio co-founder Sean Murray told talk show host Stephen Colbert that the game would feature 18 quintillion planets to explore. The New Yorker learned that he viewed its primary inspirations — the work of Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein — as being inherently optimistic, in contrast to contemporary trends. At last, a June 2016 release was aired at Paris Games Week, October 2015, and later narrowed down to the week of June 21. But now, according to Kotaku, fans may need to wait several months more.

Two sources, one from within retail chain GameStop, indicated that No Man’s Sky would be missing its June date, the site understanding that it wouldn’t arrive until “at least July or August.” That would bring its release closer to that of PlayStation’s virtual reality headset; it is, of course, possible that the delay is partially to do with the PlayStation VR’s October 2016