Sorry, we messed up: Myntra on technical glitch


Mumbai: “Sorry, we messed up,” said Shamik Sharma, chief technology and product officer at the fashion website Myntra, in an official company blog on Friday for a major technical glitch.

The glitch caused the company’s mobile app to send out notifications of products being dispatched and delivered and crediting some accounts on Thursday.

“We messed up and owe you an explanation of what happened and what we are doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” he added in the blog.

The technical glitch came days before the company plans to relaunch its desktop site. Mint reported this month that Myntra will relaunch its desktop site on 1 June, to make up for its failed app-only move that caused sales growth to fall.

The app on Thursday spammed its users with notifications on their phones at around 2pm. These orders were not placed by the users. Referral names were flashed along with user email IDs in these notifications (that were in no way connected to the user who got the notification); one single user received close to 100 notifications.

The company tweeted, “We have resolved the tech glitch that led to a spate of notifications earlier today. We’ve fixed it now. Sorry for the spam :(” on its official handle @myntra at 11.40pm.

In an explanation of the glitch, Sharma said in his post that the notification servers were initiated with a code change around 2pm which was the cause of trouble.

“The problem was not with the new code base—which had been tested independently—but with how it was deployed,” he said.