Creo Mark1 now has 5 new exciting features


Indian startup Creo launched the Mark 1 smartphone in India, priced at Rs 19,000 in April with a promise that the company would launch an update after every month. Well… Creo holds true to their promise with an exciting update to the device that offers five new features as well as a few enhancements to the operating system.


1) Echo: Perhaps the most interesting feature of the lot, the update comes with an answering machine like feature that can be personalized, turns on automatically during meetings, toggles on/off with volume buttons and is available in local languages. Users can also add default personal greeting messages in different regional languages and can create custom audio messages to individuals or groups of people.

2) Data Management: The company says that the new Data Management feature is ‘the simplest data manager in the world’ shows data consumption of different apps and even show data consumed by apps in the background.

3) Enhance: Creo calls their new photo editor called Enhance, comes with all the usual filters of other photo editing apps on smartphones in the market. Users can also create custom filters with fine detail thanks to an option called ‘adjust’ which lets users fine tune various filter options. The company also said that Enhance works on pictures taken from any app and that there will possibly be an option to share custom filters in the future.

4) Selfie Flash: Much like Apple’s iPhone, selfie flash uses the smartphone’s display as a flash. The flash will also work on other apps like WhatsApp.

5) Sense: Makes navigating through the Mark 1 a lot easier. Users can type keywords into Sense to find WhatsApp contacts, search for apps on Google’s PlayStore, search for specific apps on the downloaded on the smartphone. Sense also come with a built-in calculator.

Creo has made a few changes based on consumer feedback. The camera is now much faster and more responsive and the battery will last longer. There was also a screen flickering issue that the company fixed.

The update rolls out to all users starting today. There will also be a beta version of Marshmallow to be released in June while a production update of Marshmallow is expected to release in July.