‘No word from A.P. on power purchase’


Energy Minister G. Jagadish Reddy has charged the Andhra Pradesh government with playing hide and seek with Telangana over sale of power to the latter.

The Telangana government had floated a tender sometime ago for purchase of 300 MW, for which AP had quoted Rs. 5.30 a unit. Since private generators offered to sell at only Rs. 4.63 a unit, Telangana decided to award the contract to AP, but it went back to Rs. 4.62 a unit. However, there was no word from the AP government after that, Mr. Reddy told a press conference here on Wednesday.

Mr. Reddy said the Telangana generation corporation was currently meeting a demand of 5,200 MW, which included purchases to the tune of 1,500 MW. He discussed how the peak demand for power dropped from 7,194 MW on April 4 to 1,800 MW on May 6 due to rains.