Second Shahi Snan begins with intact traditions


Unique and unparalleled culture comes to life

Bhopal : Monday, May 9

Traditions vis-à-vis Shahi Snan during Simhastha at Ujjain are still intact. Observing the same traditions, Shaivite Akharas had the first opportunity to take the holy dip in Kshipra river today. The holy dip taken by Naga Sadhus brought to light the unique and unparalleled culture of India.

First of all, Panchdashnam Juna Akhara, Panchdashnami Aavhan Akhara and Panch Agni Akhara with their grand Peshwai had the holy dip at Dutt Akhara ghat. They were followed dip by Sahudhus of Panchayati Anand Akhara and Panchayati Toponidhi Akhara and later by Naga Sadhus of Panchayati Mahanirwani Akhara and Panch Atal Akhara.

Saints and seers of Panchdashnam Juna Akhara led by Peer Mahant Parmanand Puriji reached for the second Shahi Snan first of all. As per traditions, Dashnami priests gave the holy dip to Juna Akhara’s flag and Isht Devata with religious rituals. After this, Municipal Corporation Commissioner Avinath Lawaniya handed over a throne made of silver coins on behalf of Mela administration. After Devata Snan, Panch of the Akhara had the holy dip. Soon after, Naga Sadhus had the mass holy dip in Kshipra river amidst chants of ‘Bhole Shankar’. After giving holy dip to Akhara’s Devata, it was established at its place at Harihar in Dutt Akhara.

Dashnami priests conducted worship by Sadhus of Panchdashnami Aavhan Akhara, Panch Agni Akhara, Panchayati Mahanirwani Akhara and Panch Atal Akhara in the same manner. Later, Sadhus of all Akharas had the holy dip. Those saints and seers who had the holy dip included Chairman of Akhara Parishad Acharya Swami Narendra Giriji Maharaj, Swami Avdheshanandji Maharaj, Swami Satya Giriji Maharaj, Swami Narendra Puriji and Swami Dhanraj Giriji.

Like Juna Akhara, all other Akharas also established their Isht Devata on their premises. Saints and seers of various Akharas reached Dutt Akhara to take the holy dip amidst beating of drums and fanfare. Peshwani of Swami Nityanand drew special attention of devotees. At Dutt Akhara ghat, eminent Swami Golden Baba said that Simhastha is unique event where even Mahants and saints of Mahamandaleshwar rank serve their followers. Kumbh is the biggest festival for Sadhus. Pilot Baba also arrived with hordes followers. Foreigner devotees stayiong with various Akharas and camps of saints and seers also had the holy dip.

Prayer to grant peace to souls of deceased

Before Shahi Snan, Chairman of Akhara Parishad Acharya Swami Narendra Giriji Maharaj prayed to the Almighty to grant peace to souls of deceased and wished the injured early recovery.

In-charge Minister welcomes

In-charge of Simhastha Mela and Transport Minister Bhupendra Singh welcomed saints and seers coming fore Shahi Snan with garlands. Simhastha Mela Committee’s Chairman Makhan Singh, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Ravindra Pastore, ADG Madhu Kumar, Collector Kavindra Kiyawat, Mela Officer Avinasth Lawaniya, SP Manohar Verma and Assistant Mela Officer Vivek Kshatriya also welcomed saints and seers.