Saints, seers and Mahatmas take holy dip during Shahi Snan during Simhastha


Bhopal : Monday, May 9
Second Shahi Snan during Simhastha at Ujjain was held on Ramghat, Dutt Akhara and various other ghats on the banks of Kshipra river. Massive rush of Saints, seers and Mahatmas for the holy dip was seen. They performed worship with religious rituals and then leaped into the river raising religious slogans. Every onlooker was attracted by the scene when saints and seers had mass holy dip while running and raising slogans in praise of Mahadev and plunging into the rivers.

Mohan Lal from district Ratlam informed that lakhs of devotees have earned religious merits by taking the holy dip in river Kshipra during Shahi Snan. Arrangements made by district and Mela administration for Mahaparv are excellent. Ram Prasad from Chhindwara district said that he is a great devotee of Lord Mahakal. According to him, he has taken the holy dip during first Shahi Snan and will also take part in the third Shahi Snan. Tilak Singh from Gondia in Maharashtra said that he had the holy dip during last Simhastha also. Lauding efficient arrangements for saints, seers and devotees during ongoing Simhastha, he described them as superb.

Better arrangements for Shahi Snan

Kshipra ghats presented a grandeur look during second Shahi Snan. Along with saints, seers, devotees also seemed to be overly eager to have the holy dip. Clean and pure water with fountains also gushing water in river Kshipra presented a pleasant scene. Widespread arrangements were made for Shahi Snan by district and Mela administration. Divers and motorboats were keeping constant watch over holy dippers to save their lives. Police and paramilitary forces’ jawans deployed on ghats for security of saints, seers, Mahatmas and devotees during Shahi Snan. Sanitary workers were continuously cleaning ghats to ensure impeccable sanitation. Fire brigade, ambulances and divers’ teams were deployed at ghats to meet any eventuality.