Indian culture comes live with Shahi Snan


Devotees overwhelmed by Ramghat’s attractive look

Bhopal :Second Shahi Snan during Simhastha at Ujjain began with fervour, enthusiasm and great devotion. Saints and seers of various Nirwani Akhara had the holy dip in Kshipra at Ramghat. Running while raising slogans praising Mahadev, saints and seers had mass holy dip. Naga Sadhus’ holy dip was special attraction at Ramghat. Unique convergence of faith, Amrit and Atma was seen during Shahi Snan.

Vast and attractive Ramghat was virtually covered by glory of Lord Shiva with mass holy dip by saints, seers and Mahatmas. Hundreds of followers accompanying Mahant Dharmraj Maharaj of Panch Nirwani Akhara took the holy dip in River of Salvation Kshipra. Sadhus of Nirmohi Ani Akhara, Nirwani Ani Akhara, Digambar Ani Akhara, Panchayati Udaseen Akhara, Panchayati Naya Udaseen Akhara and Nirmal Akhara also had the holy dip. Saints and seers of Panch Nirwani Akhara had come for the holy dip riding profusely decorated Raths on tractor-trolleys and other vehicles. With Chhatra and Chanwar, these Raths presented a very attractive look. Young Sadhus of Panch Nirwani Akhara also displayed wielding of various weapons. They also lifted aged saints and seers in their laps in keeping with Guru-Shishya tradition. First of all, Mela Officer Avinasth Lawaniya and other officers welcomed the saints and seers at Ramghat with garlands.

Tirth Purohit Vijay Trivedi Ratlami performed worship of Nirwani Akharas. Lawaniya and Mahant Dharmraj Maharaj performed Shahi Poojan. Later, Lawaniya presented silver coins to Mahant Dharmraj Maharaj and Pandit Vijay Trivedi. Following this, saints and seers of Digambar Akhara arrived at Arti Dwar of Ramghat. They took the holy dip enthusiastically.

As the procession of the 3 Akharas passed through main roads in Mela area, every nook and corner reverberated with praise unto God, devotional songs and slogans.