During Simhastha, devotion and faith left disaster behind


CM Chouhan goes round Mangalnath zone at Ujjain

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that during Simhastha, devotion and faith have left disaster behind. He said that diverse dimensions of India culture strengthen use to deal with and tide over every difficult situation. Chouhan was going round cyclonic storm-affected Mangalnath Zone in Simhastha Mela area, Ujjain after reviewing preparations for global ideological Mahakumbh at village Ninaura today.

The Chief Minister said that his soul and heart reside in Ujjain. Meeting saints and seers here fill the inner self with motivation and enthusiasm and guidance is taken to move ahead.

The Chief Mini ster inspected repair works in Mangalnath zone. He said that re-constructions after the cyclone are praiseworthy. He met children, saints and seers at ISKON Mandir. Bhajan-kirtans were going on there when the Chief Minister reached there. Chouhan visited Nirwani Akhara and met saints and seers. Chouhan also met Teeladwara Gadhacharya Mandal camping in Mangalnath zone. He blessed the Chief Minister by offering shawl. The Chief Minister also met Computer Baba. He said that this would be a historic Simhastha. He blessed the Chief Minister with a shawl. Later, Chouhan visited Ramghat to meeting members of Bada Udaseen Akhara and devotees taking part in second Parv Snan on Amavasya. He met the devotees taking the holy dip there.