Panchkroshi Yatris served tea and snacks


Education Minister Shri Paras Jain offers Poha to Yatris

School Education Minister Shri Paras Jain hosted Panchkroshi Yatris entering Ujjain afer completing Yatra. He distributed Poha, Sev-Parmal to them. The Minister distributed the food stuff free of cost in cloth bags to Yatris giving message of avoiding use of polythene bangs for environmental conservation.

The Minister offered Yatris Poha as breakfast. Similarly, various organisations on Panchkroshi Marg distributed free cold drinks, Sag-Puri, tea-biscuits, Chhachh etc. The Minister will distribute free breakfast on May 5 also. Shri Shaikh Mustafa Bhai will provide 5 quintal Poha for free distribution.

Panchkroshi Yatris offer Jalebis for long life of children

Padao of Panchkroshi Yatris during Simhastha Mela period is Kaliyadeh/Bawankund. Along with his wife and sons, 80 years old Shri Ram Kishore halted at Kaliyadeh Padao. He said that the Yatra is undertaken seeking long, happy and prosperous life of children. After night halt and holy dip in Bawankund, pilgrims offer Jalebis for long life of children. He informed that after marriage with Lord Shiv Shankar, the first thing Mata Parvati cooked was Jalebi, which she offered to Kshipra Mata. Like Mata, people also offer Jalebis and pray for long lives of children.

Similarly, Shri Shailendra Singh Sisodiya, Ishwar, Ranajan and Sooraj Sisodiay of Jaora, Ratlam informed that most of Yatris complete Panchkroshi Yatra waling on foot. Some people also take part in it riding their own vehicles. They informed that Panchkroshi Yatra commences from Nagchandrashwar Mandir in Patani Bazar at Ujjain. First Padao of Yatra is Pingaleshwar, second Karohan Kayavarohaneshwar, third Ambodiya Bilkeshwar Mandir, fourth sub-Padao Kaliyadeh and Jaithal Duredeshwar Mahadev Manadir and Yatra concludes at 5th Padao Retighat, Udasa. After Yatra, holy dip is taken in Kshipra river following which devotees have Darshan of Mahakal and offer boiled rice as Prasad at Mangalnath which eat and distributed.

District administration has provided every possible facility for Panchkroshi Yatra including roads, barricading, drinking water, tents for shade, light, medical camps, control room, police divers, lost & found announcement room, water kiosks, water tanks, toilets, fountains, security etc. Tirth Yatris informed that compared to last Mahakumbh, the state government has made better arrangements for this Simhastha. This is memorable Simhastha, they added