Naga Sadhus smear and remove ash with mantras on body


People visiting Simhastha see Naga Sadhus on various ghats and other places with reverence. Question arises in minds of many of them whether Bhabhuti (ash) used as Prasad and blessing in common people’s life is used in the same manner by Naga Sadhus. It may be mentioned here that Naga Sadhus use ash as a Mantra. Shri Nirbhay Singh Giriji born on the banks of Yamuna river said that Bhabhuti contains several medicinal properties. There are many Naga Sadhus who bathe only in Kumbhs or Shahi Snan during Simhastha whereas some others prefer bathing only during Simhastha. A Naga Sadhu smears and removes ash with Mantras on his body lakhs of times during lifetime.

Offering of 11 thousand earthen lamps to Kshipra

Devotees of Maharashtra’s Shri Dutt Maoli Satguru Anna Maharaj offered 11 thousand earthen lamps to Kshipra river. Deep Daan in Kshipra is considered very significant. A number of communities offer Deep Daan during Simhastha.