Integra Partners with Metrodigi® to Support Digital Content Creation for Its Customers


Pondicherry, India
Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading digital content services company providing content enrichment and transformation services to publishing, education, and corporate segments, is announcing its partnership with Metrodigi®, creator of the cloud-based Chaucer® authoring platform. The partnership expands Integra’s ability to offer highly engaging digital content solutions to customers by combining the diverse skills of both companies and increasing operational scale.

As an authorized content solutions and channel partner to Metrodigi®, Integra now provides corporates with high-quality services such as content creation, interactive widget development, conversion, editorial, accessibility, quality assurance, and project management.

Integra has increased its staff to maximize the partnership with Metrodigi and leverage the benefits of the Chaucer® platform. The partnership will enhance Integra’s ability to execute complex projects for corporates in a variety of industries, facilitating distribution of engaging content easily and efficiently.

“Our partnership with Integra is multi-dimensional and unique: with Integra’s intimate understanding of both the dynamic publishing environment and the Chaucer platform, they successfully offer ready-to-go and robust solutions to content providers,” said Kathryn Stewart, CEO, Metrodigi®. “The partnership between Metrodigi and Integra is well positioned to provide content solutions that will be of significant value-add to our very demanding customers.”

“Our 10+ years of experience in the digital content publishing space along with our trained and highly skilled professionals will help Metrodigi structure content, add interactive features and create highly engaging products for customers,” said Sriram Subramanya, founder and CEO, Integra. “We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership which expands opportunities for our customers and for both companies.”

About Integra

Integra is one of the leading digital content service companies providing content enrichment and transformation services to publishers and educational institutions, and delivering workplace learning and development services for enterprises.

Integra is a truly end-to-end publishing services provider offering a whole gamut of services from developmental editing to digital products for global publishers. With a competent team of over 1,000 qualified professionals, Integra meets discerning quality standards and demanding delivery schedules. This is reflected in its long-standing relationships with many of its customers. Integra is headquartered in Pondicherry, India, and its global service delivery centers are located in India (Pondicherry and Chennai), the United States (Chicago, IL), and Japan (Tokyo). Integra also has Project Management centers in the UK, Spain, and Italy.

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About Metrodigi®

Metrodigi is an industry leading digital content development and publishing company based in Larkspur, Calif. Metrodigi’s cloud-based development platform, Chaucer, is the most powerful and versatile creation, conversion and workflow management tool in the digital publishing industry. Metrodigi specializes in highly-designed, interactive digital content creation for many of the largest publishers, media organizations and technology companies in the world. Metrodigi’s software provides intelligent conversion to the industry standard EPUB3, and rapid interactivity deployment within a full-fledged authoring and content management application in the cloud. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @Metrodigi, also on