Convergence of 3 generations in Panchkroshi Yatra


It is also medium to transfer Sanskars
Sanskars are transferred from one generation to another. The age-old Indian tradition of transfer of Sanskars is unique in the world. Its live scenes are visible during Panchkroshi Yatra during Simhastha at Ujjain. Senior citizen Shri Amba Ram has completed the Yatra with his three generations. During about 118 km long Yatra, Shri Amba Ram also introduced 2 members of this third generation i.e. granddaughters with Sanskars.

Shri Amba Ram, a resident of village Luhariya in Ujjain district has completed Panchkroshi Yatra along with his wife Bardi Bai, son Shiv Charan and granddaughters Preeti and Saloni. Despite travelling 118 kms during Yatra, there was no trace of tiredness on their faces. All of them were smiling. The reason was clear that Amba Ram’s family was comfortable and happy due to facilities provided by the administration during Yatra. His continuous dialogue with granddaughters on religious and social Sankars did not give them feel of long distance. From the core of his heart, Amba Ram said that excellent facilities have been provided during Yatra.

Another aged person of Amba Ram’s village Shri Manglial also completed Yatra along with his wife Smt. Radha and 8 years old granddaughter Kiran. Shri Girvar Singh and Babli from village Akatwasa, Ratlam and Smt. Rumkunwar Bai of village Khera also completed Panchkroshi Yatra. All said in unison that their journey was pleasant. After completing Yatra, they took the holy dip in River of Salvation Kshipra at Ramghat.